Chesapeake Arts Center Introduces the MakerSpace

The Chesapeake Arts Center MakerSpace is a creative and collaborative workspace designed to enhance a hands-on learning experience, bring technology based tools into the hands of our community, and foster an environment for invention and play.

How it Works

Our MakerSpace will operate through annual or monthly memberships as well as affordable instructional classes providing opportunities for lifelong learning and skill development. The CAC MakerSpace offers the opportunity to explore and learn new skills through instructional classes, workshops, and after school programming. 

Anyone is able to take classes provided at the CAC. Monthly or annual members will have access during open hours to our computer lab and design software.  After members have taken required safety training on our equipment they gain access to use those resources and can reserve time on our tools. 

Why a MakerSpace was established at the CAC?

The Chesapeake Arts Center is an integral partner in the effort to revitalize the Brooklyn Park, Brooklyn and the Curtis Bay area, once thriving communities.  Through a thoughtful strategic planning process in 2014, there was a theme identified of needing to reclaim memory – to understand the story of what greater Brooklyn Park accomplished in the past 60 years.  With the loss of memory comes a loss of community pride and identity, evident on most streets here.  The CAC’s exterior mural project showcases shipbuilding, aviation, agriculture, the arts and education – constant reminders of the rich history of accomplishment in Brooklyn Park.

Throughout the strategic planning process, the CAC heard a call for creating a Maker Space – a creative workspace utilizing computers, machining, technology, science and digital art, and integrating STEAM educational opportunities through hands-on, project based learning.  The CAC determined that with funding support, its existing workshop could affordably be repurposed for this initiative.

Jobs for Membership Policy, Volunteering!

  • The MakerSpace is looking for volunteers to help prepare for our opening and beyond.
  • Volunteers will get hands on experience with many of the tools available at the MakerSpace and work towards a membership discount!
  • A member must work for 10 hours in the MakerSpace to get a reduced membership of $35.00/ month.  This work must be signed off on by a CAC MakerSpace Staff Member.

MakerSpace Hours:

Tuesday-Friday: 2pm-9pm | Saturday: 10am-5pm




Donate Your Old Tools

We are now accepting tool donations! Donate your old hand tools, power tools and shop equipment to the MakerSpace. For inquiries on how to donate please contact Henry at

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